Art of Dance

               celebrating 25 years

Dress Rehearsal Schedule:

- Friday June 14th - Ponte Vedra High School

Classes will Run regularly through Thursday, June 13th at the studio.

Show One:                 Call Time 9:30   –   Start Time 10:00. 

Show Two:                 Call Time 11:30  –  Start Time 12:00

Show Three:              Call Time 2:00 –  Start Time 2:30

Show Four:                Call Time 4:00 –  Start Time 4:30


Please note these times are for Dress Rehearsal not the actual performance.

Please have make-up and hair done before arriving to the auditorium. Bring costumes in a garment bag. Rehearsal will move quickly and we cannot wait for those that are late.

Please make sure your name is in all of your tights, shoes, and costumes. We will have a brief meeting 10 minutes prior to our start time.  You will get your dancer dressed and then have a seat in the auditorium. Please make sure you have your account paid in full prior to dress rehearsal. In order to receive tickets, account balances must be paid in full.  

Show Day! 

Saturday, June 15th- Ponte Vedra High School

Please note “Call Time” and have your dancer in changing area by this time.  Please arrive with your dancer with hair and make-up already done.  Change them into their first costume and they will sit with their class backstage until their dance. At this time you are welcome to go out front and watch your child dance. After their dance, head back to the changing area to change them into their next costume if they have another dance in the show. Dancers are not allowed in the audience with their costume. Due to shows being sold out, unless they have purchased a ticket, they will not be allowed in the audience.


IMPORTANT: This year we have 4 shows. There is a minimal amount of time between each show. It is extremely important that we start on time and at the end of the show we will need to clear the auditorium out, clean it, and set up for the next show. Please help us and exit the auditorium immediately after the show. Greet your dancer at the side door and take pictures outside. Everyone must exit the auditorium. EVERYONE! There are no saving seats between shows. Please inform your friends and loved ones of this rule. If anyone tries to stay seated in between shows, we will kindly have to ask them to exit the building. It is easier if they know prior.  Typically, the line for the next show will already be forming before the prior show is complete. We have created a buffer in between shows in order to avoid this, but lines still tend to  form early.  


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  I will be more than happy to walk through everything with you. Time is limited to the teachers during class time and it doesn’t leave a lot of room to answer questions.

We are looking forward to four fabulous shows!