​​​​​​​     Art of Dance

               Celebrating 29 Years



We welcome all of our dancers back and are so excited for the upcoming year. 
Although some things have changed, the quality of instruction in a family environment is still the same. Thank you for entrusting your child with us at Art of Dance and we are so excited about our upcoming season!

 All dancers level III and under will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian/adult. Please do not have your dancer walk to the car by themselves if they are in any class that is level III and under. 

If your dancer and someone in your family has tested positive for Covid - 19,

please notify us immediately. 
If we have to shut down the studio for cleaning or mandatory quarantine, we will continue classes virtually or send videos of classes for the dancers to take while we are closed. No tuition reimbursement or cancellations without a 30 day notice will be given. If you cancel or withdraw, your spot will not be held in the class and you will have to reregister to enroll again.

Payments, Withdrawals and Refunds­

Our preferred form of payment is automatic debit. There is a one-month minimum for all lessons.  Withdrawal must be done in writing and will not be accepted over the phone. Withdrawal cannot be done with the teacher. It must be addressed with Mrs. Sabrina.  We must receive a 30 day notice of withdrawal to stop the next month's payment. All automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the thirty (30) day notice period.  "Our dance season runs from the months of August through June.  The calendar in each month will vary depending upon which day you have your class. Some months you may have 2 or 3 classes (months with holiday breaks/spring break/recital month (June), etc.).  Other months you may have 5 classes. Over the span of our season everyone will have approximately 38 - 40 classes over the eleven months.Missed or canceled classes are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Registration Fees, Recital Fees, Costume Fees and Tuition are all NON-REFUNDABLE.  


Tuition: Updating payment Information

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late after the 5th.  There is a $25 late fee that will be assessed on your account if payment is not paid by the 5th. If payment information needs to be updated (New card number, new expiration date, etc.), it is your responsibility to update our office prior to due date. You can submit updated payment information by clicking on the “Register Now” tab. If a card or payment is declined for any reason, our payment system will automatically generate an email to let you know. This email does not come from our office staff. It is generated through the payment system. Please make payment arrangements immediately and notify the office by calling or emailing. Once new payment information is submitted, we will update the new information within 24-48 business hours. You will receive the automated emails until we are able to manually update your information. 



Costume Fees:

Costume fees are due on October 1st. Each class will have a different costume. For each class your child is in, he/she will have a costume.  Costume fees average $80 for individual classes and $90 for combination classes. Costume sheets will be passed out mid-September/beginning of October with the balance due for costumes for your dancer. If student withdrawals after costumes have been ordered, their recital costume will be used by an understudy and/or be held at the studio until recital. Costumes may be picked up after recital.   Any costumes not claimed TWO weeks after recital, will be donated to charity. ALL COSTUME FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE PROCESSED AND PAID.


Recital Fee:

Recital Fee is due February 1st. Recital fee is $100 per student and $75 for any siblings thereafter.  Each student will receive 2 recital tickets each.  Additional tickets may be purchased at a later date if more are needed. Recital fee covers cost of auditorium, facility employees (maintenance, sound booth, tech crew), etc.ALL RECITAL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE PROCESSED AND PAID.


Extreme Weather or Unexpected Interruption of Classes

If the school must cancel classes due to extreme weather or events beyond our control, such as power outages, the missed lessons can be made up by attending another class in the week.  No refunds for lessons missed due to these reasons will be given.  


Dress Code

For Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical and Turn/Stretch, dancers will need to be in leotard and tights with proper shoes. Dancers can wear leotard/tights for Hip Hop or they can also wear t-shirt and shorts.  There is not a specific color of leotard that is needed. Any color is fine.  We welcome our preschoolers and level I students to wear ballet skirts or tutus if they would like.  We ask that all dancers wear their
hair pulled back and secured.  During ballet, hair in a bun is highly recommended.  We understand that there may not be time to secure hair in a bun if students are coming straight from school. 


Speaking with Teacher

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account or your child’s dance classes, please feel free to speak with Mrs. Sabrina, via email or phone (sabrina@artofdancejax.com).  We will be happy to speak with you during NON-class hours. When classes are transitioning, our focus needs to be on making sure dancers are being properly picked up, as well as getting the new class of dancers in and prepared for class to begin. Please feel free to call us at the studio 904-262-2217. The best time to reach us is
Monday-Friday from 9-3. Most Saturdays we are in rehearsal. If we are not available at those times, please feel free to leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The office is closed on the weekends. Please do not message our staff via personal cell phones, social media, or emails. All messages should flow through the studio email and phone. Thank you, Sabrina


Injury and Liability Release

By registering you hereby waive all injury, damage, or loss to your person and property during your participation in dance training at Art of Dance.  You further release the promoters, directors and employees of the Art of Dance from liability for injury, damage or loss.  You release the Art of Dance and/or any of its agents or representatives, of any liability during any and all performances.  


Annual Recital:

We hold an annual recital every year during the month of June.  The exact date of recital will be confirmed by January/February each year.   We always try to schedule the recital the 2nd or 3rd weekend in June.