Art of Dance

We are so excited for our upcoming shows! Below you will find some important information regarding recital. Please read all the way through, as there is a lot of information and helpful tips to help make recital a great experience for you and your dancer.

RECITAL DATE/LOCATION: Saturday, June 17th at Bartram Trail High School- 

TICKETS: One of the most important forms in your recital packet is your TICKET FORM. This form must be turned back in to your dance teacher in order for you to receive your complimentary tickets to the show (2 free tickets per dancer), as well as purchase additional tickets to the show. There are a limited number of tickets that are sold for each show. Please turn your ticket forms in ASAP to make sure you receive the number of tickets that you want. Ticket forms are due by May 8th. Shows typically sell out. Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Account balances must be paid in full to receive tickets. We will pass out tickets the week of rehearsals (week prior to recital).

COSTUMES: Costumes will be passed out towards the end of May. Please do not let your child wear the costume until dress rehearsal and recital.

Hair- Female dancers should have hair pulled back in a bun. Please make sure all hair is secured, including bangs. If a dancer has bangs, it will cause a shadow on their face under stage lights when performing. Use hair spray and gel to secure hair back. Glitter spray is always fun for our younger dancers. Not every costume comes with a headpiece. If there is a headpiece, please place to the left side of the bun, unless otherwise stated by choreographer/teacher.

Make-up- Please use stage make-up. This includes, blush, eyeshadow (smoky eye look), mascara and red lipstick. Older girls can wear eye-liner and false eyelashes if they would like. Stage make-up helps a dancer not look “washed-out” under stage lights. For our younger dancers we highly recommend stage make-up, but if there is an issue with skin sensitivity, it is your call as a parent.


JUNE CLASSES/TUITION: Just a friendly reminder that a full month of June tuition will be assessed.  Please see policy regarding dance classes/sessions as it pertains to tuition (it is located on policies and procedures section of website as well);

“Our dance season runs from the months of August through June. The calendar in each month will vary depending upon which day you have your class. Some months you may have 2 or 3 classes (months with holiday breaks/spring break/recital month, etc.). Other months you may have 5 classes. Over the span of our season everyone will have approximately 43-44 classes over the eleven months.”

Please remember that all accounts must be paid in full to receive recital tickets. We will pass these out during rehearsals.